Managing your Talent

30 04 2009

How to keep your people engaged, productivity up and boost morale during the economic downturn.

It’s a fact. 

According to a recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development report, engaged employees that are comfortable with all aspects of their work, contribute more to the bottom line of the business. They are more loyal to their employer.  They are happier at work.  They are willing to give that extra effort when it’s needed. Perhaps most importantly, engaged employees have a positive impact on new and existing customers.

Know How?

Taking the credit crunch aside, do you know how engaged your people are? What’s driving them and motivating them to do better for you?  When you walk around your office, how many people look you in the eyes and smile?  When did you last ask your team for ideas?

Questions, questions?

So how do you find out? 

Well, the quickest and most simple way is to simply ask them? 

Using a very simple tool that focuses on exactly how engaged your people are, tailored specifically to your language and your business issues, you’ll communicate the core message to your people.  Your views are important and we want to listen.” 

 It amazes us how every time we work with our clients, both big and small, to help them with their Talent Management, to better understand what’s going on at the heart of their business and find out what’s driving their people, the key message has been pretty simple – “listen and involve us.”

 In turn, by listening and involving their staff, these businesses have driven innovative and creative initiatives increasing retention, growth and enhancing profitability.  It really is true, engaged employees really do contribute to the bottom line of business.

 Win, Win!

In this more difficult economic climate, where your people are under greater pressure and increasingly concerned about the future of their jobs, communication is key.  Reciprocal communication that is.  Ask for and listen to their ideas, give them feedback, take timely action and involve them in the decision-making processes that help them shape their own and your future.

 Some other things

Here are some other things that you could do to help keep your staff engaged:

  • Create a culture of respect where outstanding work is valued
  • Make constructive feedback and mentoring available
  • Ensure there’s plenty of opportunity for advancement and professional development
  • Ensure that reward is fair and appropriate – introduce recognition and incentive systems
  • Make sure you or your managers/leadership team is on hand to listen
  • Make it clear what you expect from your people
  • Tell your people how you’re doing
  • Give your people what they need to be able to do their jobs
  • Embrace an environment of what you can do, not what you can’t.  Of what you have done and not what you haven’t.

 Clever businesses of all sizes can work on all of these factors to develop and nurture their peoples’ engagement. 

 Want to take advantage of this opportunity and find out more, then call us on 01202 853647 or visit our website at



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