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31 08 2009

Some changes are afoot here at Creative Leadership.

Sign of the Times

As well as helping businesses with recruitment, these days much of the work we’re doing is helping many of the same businesses with redundancies and outplacement (career and job coaching) too.

We’ve seen the way the job market works shift completely during the Credit Crunch with fewer opportunities available, much less reliance on recruitment agencies and more people looking for work. This more hostile job-seeking landscape is a very difficult place to navigate for those people who find themselves out of work.

It’s unsurprising that those people we’ve worked with, who have an insider knowledge of recruitment and resourcing, have been able to secure the jobs they want within a very short period of time. They tell us how much they’ve benefitted from the support that an outplacement programme has given them and ask could we help their friend with interview tips…a relative with job application advice…their partner with their CV etc etc… Basically we’ve been getting lots of approaches from people who want help getting another job.

Most of the time we’ve been able to say yes, however up until now we’ve only been able to do this rather haphazardly, with an eye on the work we’re doing for our business clients.

Haphazard is not something that someone out of work needs. They need real solutions that are available, affordable and individually applicable to them. Also, it’s only a lucky few individuals who work for organisations who offer outplacement or the wholesale advice provided by generic job websites or recruitment agencies.

But how to do it without compromising the work we already do? We thought long and hard about this and came up with loads of ideas. We tried a few new things. Canned a few others. Eventually we decided that the solution was to create a wholly separate entity trading under Creative Leadership, but only used for our work with individuals. We’re calling it ChangePaths.

It’s from ChangePaths that we offer various services including CV writing, help with job applications, Interview coaching etc. It’s also from ChangePaths that we’ll be continuing with our career workshops and Job related blogging.

It’s early days and there’s much to do not least getting our blog up and running (this will be it’s first post at, and the new website

We thought about waiting but then we reckoned that what would the point be to that? If you need our help with finding a job it’s important that you know we can.

So if you want to move forward with your job search give us a call on 01202 853647 or email us at

Oh and we’re offering the first 10 individuals who approach us quoting reference WP649L a 10% discount on a CV review. Now there’s an incentive…




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