SHL’s new OPQ32r

30 09 2009

If you use psychometric tests or personality measures at work there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with SHL’s OPQ32 personality measure, which has been around since 1984.  It’s a tool that we at Creative Leadership have provided extensively for various clients in recruitment and outplacement and recommend for it’s robustness in validity and reliability.

Yesterday SHL launched their new version – the OPQ32r.  They claim it “significantly improves the OPQ32 and revolutionises workplace personality assessment by using the very latest techniques to make it faster, easier to use, more powerful and more precise”

In conjunction with SHL we’ve taken a quick peek and can elaborate on some of the key areas you might find of interest:

Time to complete: The test is less time consuming to complete – rather than taking 40 – 45 minutes to complete it should now only take candidates 20 – 25 minutes.

Outputs: Remain the same and indeed there’s some discussion by SHL that the validity is in fact more rigorous!  The proof will be in the pudding I guess.

Simplification of Candidate Interface: Interesting to note that this is a generic change to all SHL tests (MQ/CCSQ etc) and they purport the interface for candidates is easier to use and more intuitive.

Dyslexia-friendly: There is a function to allow more time for those people who suffer with dyslexia

Price: Remains the same.

There are of course many other products which assess personality, behaviour, motivation, judgement etc etc in the marketplace (we also work with Disc, Myers Briggs, Thinking Styles, The Judgement Index, Factor 5 to name a few…!)  It all depends on what you need.

If you’d like us to help you understand what would work best for you then we invite you to a FREE CONSULTATION.  Simply call us today on 01202 853647 or email

In our view this latest move by SHL to focus on the candidate experience is a big step forward in the psychometrics world, and we’re looking forward to watching how things progress.

For more information about the new OPQ32r take a look here:




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