My Top Three Take-Aways from #trulondon – The Recruitment Unconference

20 11 2009

I was fortunate enough to be one of the 120 or so delegates at the UK’s first ever Recruitment Unconference yesterday hosted by Bill Boorman at Barclays Tower, London.

WOW, was it a conference unlike any!  With an eclectic mix of Social Media Experts, HR gurus, Recruitment Consultants and IT Whizzes in the amazing Green-Pod room, the unstructured format of the “conference-that-isn’t” led to many hearty debates on the various threaded topics which included:

  • Sourceology with Geoff Webb (@radicalrecruit) and Katharine Robinson (@TheSourceress)
  • Social Media Circus with Matt Alder (@mattalder) and Paul Harrison (@CarveConsulting)
  • Blogging for Business with Andy Headworth (@andyheadworth)

There were many more and you can find out more about the event here and hear the broadcast here but I thought I’d share with you my top three takeaways (and you can rest assured there were many more!) that I took away from the day:

1. Social Media & Recruitment = Value for Money

Thank you Jacqui Hill for sharing that one of your clients in the Public sector has reduced their cost per applicant from £400 to £15 by the use of Social Media in resourcing and also to another Global Business for the stat that they’ve saved £150K by social media strategies alone.  Statistics like these really can’t be ignored and it’s no surprise therefore that Recruitment Consultants, Ad Agencies and Job Boards are wondering what their role will be as Social Media and Web 2.0 evolves.

2. Social Media & Recruitment = A tool for LISTENING as well as communicating

Thank you too to William Fischer of TwitterJobs (and this month’s Esquire Magazine) for outlining how the business  breaks down and measures their Social Media Strategy into 9 scales including things such as PR, SEP, research and product development.  How often do you use Social Media that way?  If it’s a communication tool, then surely you should also be listening and engaging?  And for the uninitiated (like me) it was a revelation to hear about “Active Listening Tools” that can do that stuff for you!  Amazing!

3. Social Media & Recruitment – Engagement

Just by writing on your blog, Facebook profile or Tweeting doesn’t actually make you someone people automatically want to listen to – you need to truly engage to get the most out of the experience and show you’re human with real points of view and real ideas and perceptions.  Permanently retweeting what others say, blogging sporadically and confusing your messages will all result in one thing – NOTHING.   You need to engage with others.

For more information about the Recruitment Unconference then check out the various tweets and blog posts which can be found at #trulondon. I can’t wait for the follow up!!!

Michelle Fischer
Creative Leadership

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4 responses

20 11 2009

Sorry, I would have said hello but we seem to have been at different tracks at different times. The only problem I see with one client announcing they have got their cost per hire down to £15 a head is that suddenly every other bugger thinks that they too can achieve this when of course there are far too many variables involved. If a charity advertises for free on jobsite this month and fills their vacancy I guess they could say their cost per hire is nothing, but is this realistic in the long run? Nothing comes for free in this world and building and running a decent job board isn’t cheap, though I admit there are lots of awful sites out there too. Quality costs and always will, whatever format it comes in, so if I were an employer I wouldn’t be rubbing my hands with glee quite yet.

20 11 2009
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21 11 2009

Hi Alconcalcia, sorry to miss you too! Thanks for making a very valid point yes – there is always a time and a place for the varying sourcing tools on offer, but I think the stats are rather compelling particularly in our current environment…

24 11 2009

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