“Say it Forward” – a return to saying Thank You

21 11 2009

The other day I attended an amazing event called the Recruitment Unconference. It was an an awesome day where lots of people shared their thoughts and energy on an interesting and evolving hot-topic (read more here). The event itself was organised by an inspiring man, Bill Boorman and being so taken and enthused by what he’d achieved and the event itself, I did what I always do when someone impresses me, I took some time to write a recommendation on Linked in and thanked him.

“Thankyou for the surprise recommendation on Linkedin. Much appreciated” was Bill’s response… And it’s this reaction to being thanked and recommended that got me thinking more about this idea of “saying it forward”.

Being thanked or recongised when you’re not expected, when someone goes out of their way to say thank you without being prompted, and in a way that is meaningful to you, is really rather nice.  It makes you feel good.  It makes you glad you made the effort in the first place, that it’s been appreciated, and it encourages you to do more of the same.  That said, being thanked and recognised is by no means the norm these days.  In our time-poor society people take other people for granted and old-fashioned values of graciousness and goodwill are put to one side in favour of curiosity and improvement.

But with such positive responses why do so few of us take time to recognise and thank others when you can?  It doesn’t need to take much and particularly in these days of Social Media – An E-card, an email, a Tweet, your favourite music via Itunes, a Facebook status update…  Really there are about a gazillion things you could do, with very little effort to make a difference to another human being.

Remember the film “Pay it Forward” where a little boy called Trevor McKinney, has a great idea that you should do at least 3 good deeds for other people? Well here’s my invitation to you.  What if, in the next week or so, you go out of your way to say thank you at least three times in a way that’s meaningful and different to what you do normally.   See what happens.   How many smiles can you inspire?  How many lives can you lighten in some way?  Post back your feedback here and let’s see what happens.

Thanks for reading this :0)






4 responses

22 11 2009

Wonderful post. I enjoy our interaction on twitter. I will subscribe to your blog. Thank you.
@HRMargo Margo Rose http://hrmargo

1 12 2009
LinkedIn recommendations made simple | Who's Linked

[…] who has a really nice way of looking at this very subject.  She calls it the art of ‘saying it forward‘ and you can read more about it on her Creative Leadership […]

10 12 2009
John Jocham

Nice concept – and one I will try to put into practice.
Sad though isn’t it that we need a post like this to remind us – guilty as charged!
Happy Christmas

2 08 2010
LinkedIn Recommendations Made Simple « woman on the edge of reality

[…] who has a really nice way of looking at this very subject.  She calls it the art of ‘saying it forward‘ and you can read more about it on her Creative Leadership […]

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