The Recruitment Unconference, London, Feb 18th – 19th

3 12 2009

An event not to be missed

Are you interested in finding out more from industry experts on what all the fuss is about with Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and other such Social Media?  Then you’ll be glad to learn about that the widely acclaimed Recruitment Unconference will be returning to London again on February 18th – 19th 2010.

But what exactly is an “Unconference“?

Well as I learnt last month, an Unconference is an event themed around a topical subject, but which has no real fixed structure.  There are two main rules:

1) No power point (GASP)

2) No presentations (SIGH!!)

In other words, it’s a day of asking questions and facilitating debate.  It relies on the contribution of all involved, so attendees get to discuss what they want to discuss and is not restricted by any fixed agenda.

How does it work?

The event itself is divided into various sessions during which a series of “tracks” run on a theme, with track leaders hosting the discussion, debate and learning. The discussion takes a life of it’s own with atendees bringing their own views, questions and opinions as well as debate. This takes many directions and concludes with real learning and opinion forming.

The track leaders themselves (and I’m thrilled to have been asked to lead three Tracks) are carefuly chosen from their areas of experience and knowledge and the value they can bring to the “track” covering both a UK and global perspective.  Attendees are actively encouraged to disagree, argue, debate and question, all that’s asked is that there is mutual respect and collaboration.

What happens?

Day 1 is a technology focused day looking to the next 5 years and Day 2 will cover all things people related to people, recruiting, talent and a whole host of conversation topics. No doubt the days will cross over. Day 1, we will be producing a white paper on future technology.

There’s loads of stuff online about the event – check out Bill Boorman’s (the inspiration for this event) Recruiting Unblog. the group here, the RCEuro page, the Facebook page or key #trulondon on Twitter. These places can give you a real feel for what to expect.

What’s On?

So far the following tracks have been confirmed:

  • Social Media Circus: Matt Alder, Paul Harrison, Jim Stroud
  • Employer branding v Employee branding: Nick Price, Sarah White, Michelle Fischer, Jon Ingham
  • The Future for Recruiters: Mervyn Dinnen, Bill Boorman, Matt Horley
  • Job Board 2020: Keith Robinson, Alan Whitford, Simon Mason.
  • Endangered Species: Peter Gold, John Ingham, Steve Boese
  • Battle of the Bloggers: Laurie Reittmann, Andy Headworth, Peter Gold, Trish Mcfarlane
  • Technology Shopping List: Steve Boese, Sarah White, Shane McClusker
  • Sourceology – The Dark Arts: Jim Stroud, Geoff Webb, Katherine Robinson
  • UK Sourcery – A New Way of Working: Katherine Robinson, Jim Stroud, Geoff Webb
  • Recruiter Big Brother: Nick Price, Lisa Scales , Rob Wescott, Mike Taylor
  • The Talent Wars: Trish Mcfarlane, Michelle Fischer, Peter Gold, Jon Ingham
  • The Talent Puddle: Alan Whitford, Shane McClusker
  • Global Live Lab – A social media experiment: Paul Harrison
  • Culture Clash: Jon Ingham, Laurie Ruettimann, Geoff Webb, Alan Whitford
  • Gen Why & How: Lucian Tarnowski,Sarah White
  • Phoenix Recruiting: Bill Boorman, Andy Headworth, Alan Whitford
  • Leadership Questions:  Peter Gold, Steve Boese, Lucian Tarnowski
  • H.R. Revolution: Trish Mcfarlane,Laurie Ruettimann, Steve Boese
  • Who Cares what the Candidates Think?: Keith Robinson, Mervin Dinnen,Michelle Fischer, Simon Mason
  • New tools, Old Rules?: Bill Boorman, Matt Alder, Paul Harrison, Jim Stroud,
  • H.R. Gen Z: Laurie Ruettimann, Trish Mcfarlane, Jon Ingham
  • Social Human Convergence: Bill Boorman, Nick Price, Matt Horley, Andy Headworth
  • Future Strategy: All the track leaders

It promises to make for interesting debate!

Tickets are available online from the TRU Conference website.




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