Time off, Time out, Time with, Time on, Time to, Timely…

7 12 2009

So I’m just back from a long weekend spending time relaxing, celebrating my partners’ birthday and doing things generally not related to work, internet or my business.  WOW!  What a fantastic experience being absent from the I-phone and laptop was!

I find myself refreshed, recharged and raring to go, renewed and rejuvenated from months of square eyed squinting at the computer screen!  I’m determined to spend more time on having time out and away from the distractions of everyday work accoutrements.  “Yada Yada”, some might say, “I’ve heard it all before and it’s all well and good when you’re running a business!”

But it’s something to think about.  We live in a Supra-World of eternal internet paraphernalia and discourse.  One in which it’s possible to do business with people we’ve never met or ever will, where we can have a meaningful dialogue with a total stranger in another language and in real time, creating infinite possibilities from our imaginations.  Amazing stuff.

But what does the future hold if we don’t balance our time on the important things and the things that are happening to us right now?  Do we really need to know everything right this minute?  To be permanently available and accessible?

A friend said something very powerful the other day – “you don’t hear many people on their deathbed wishing they’d spent more time in the office”  How very true!

So my learning from this weekend is to achieve that thing we call balance.   I will switch the work phone off after I finish work.  I won’t consult my work email after 8.00 at night.  I will treat the social media sites with the same respect I treat my online bank.  And I will review my diary to include “Me” days which may or may not involve no work at all!




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13 12 2009

Fantastic .. really stunning matter. I am going to write about it as well.

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