Are you thinking about what comes next for you or your business in 2010?

16 12 2009

My brilliant coach and mentor Bev Hamilton of One Step Further passed on this presentation today that I thought you’d like too.  It has some wisdom and insights from people such as Seth Godin, Daniel Pink and Tom Peters and is presented in a really easy to understand way.

  • If you’re wondering about what to focus on next and considering the key themes for 2010, this presentation will inform you.
  • If you’re interested in thematic approaches to strategic planning, this presentation will enrich your thinking.
  • If you like bite sized chunks of information presented informally and with humour, this presentation will make you smile.

Click on What-Matters-Now and enjoy the read.

I took particular pleasure in reading the slide titled “Enough”.

Thanks for sharing this Bev.  I hope others do the same.

Best wishes





One response

16 12 2009
Beverley Hamilton

Glad to liked it and got vbalue Michelle. I have been twittering about it and one of favourite bits is The 19 E’s of Excellence go to slide 20 My favourite Edginess – Perpetually dancing at the frontier & a litle or a lot beyond. Kind of fits with One Step Further!

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