The good thing about Snow Balls…

8 01 2010

So it’s day 3 of being relegated to the home office due to inclement ice on the roads, and instead of making collages with Xmas wrappers and climbing walls as many of you have reported, I’ve been busy playing around with various ball metaphors.  Specifically Love Balls.  (I’m hoping you’ve seen the event we’re running on February 19th so you won’t think you’ve visited one of “those” sites.)

I wanted to update you on how only 24 hours of social media and email contact can make a difference.  After posting the original tweet about our Love Balls event on 19th February yesterday and a link to this blog, I’ve been amazed at how many personal emails and contact I received with stories of how Male Cancer has touched lives.

So far people I’ve never even met before have been in touch and volunteered their support.  Here are just some of the things being done:

  • We have an amazing photographer – Steve Cook of award winning Seeker Photography fame
  • Love Balls is being featured as a key fundraising initiative at what will be a global-reported event The Recruitment Unconference, in London.  We’d love it if you also wanted to champion this cause too at an event you’re hosting?
  • Loads of prizes have been donated (more would be gratefully received please)
  • Various esteemed Colleagues are promoting the cause to their networks including our wonderful Compere Steve Mills, the Dorset Junior Chamber, The local Dorset Cancer Network and so many more!  Thank you!
  • Many tickets have been promised and tables reserved – have you got yours?
  • Requests to donate have been overwhelming so we’ve set up A Just Giving page so even if you can’t come you can contribute.

A prostate cancer sufferer I spoke to earlier summed it up for me “If we can just save a few lives by raising awareness of an illness which will affect 4 out of 10 men, we’ve done our job.”

Enough said.  There are so many ways we can all help.




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