Bluetooth & Proximity Recruitment Marketing

12 01 2010

Did you know there’s a new recruiting technique migrating from the Direct Marketing world which is being used increasingly to attract potential new recruits? It’s called Proximity Marketing and you can expect it to be used more and more in an attempt to attract new talent and cut recruitment advertising costs.

Recruiters (both company and agency alike) are using bluetooth technology to send messages to potential new recruits. They do this by virtue of a handheld device, obtained for a fixed cost for from the likes of Echo Blue or Ad Pods, which interacts with your mobile phone.

There are huge potential benefits to the recruiter – no ongoing costs, no licenses and the opportunity to send a range of messages to a target audience. Unnervingly however it appears that there is little in the way of legislation in a field that could also be criticised for being little more than spamming or phishing.

Creative Leadership would love to hear from you if you’re using proximity marketing to recruit and find out how successful this has been for you and your business.




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