Flowers, #TruLondon interview and Love Balls…What a week!

15 02 2010

I’ve been gearing up to this week for quite some time…  September 2009 to be precise, when Emma James, Anne Orchard and I started talking about doing something that involved a fundraising event on behalf of Male Cancer…

And this week, not only are we hosting #LoveBalls on Friday (with around 130+ people lined up to attend), but it’s The Recruitment Unconference on Thursday/Friday (with TRUSource on Wednesday) too!!

So when I got to work today to find the Amarylis plant dad gave me for Christmas, and which I’ve been tending to lovingly every day, has flowered, the superstitious Brit in me was over the moon!  What a lovely gift to start the week.

I was also thrilled to see the interview I gave to Glenn Le Santo last week in advance of The Recruitment Unconference has been published.  Read what he wrote here.

Have you had a great start to your week?





3 responses

15 02 2010
Sara Headworth

Beautiful amarylis !! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday,I will be be there with your #firemanfriday gift ( a day early !! )

Love Sara x

22 02 2010

A lovely start to a new week.

22 02 2010
Michelle Fischer

Thanks Ladies – sadly I got into the office on Friday and it had fallen off the desk and smashed on the floor – fortunately I have another at home which hasn’t flowered yet though…

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