5 reasons why you should take (more) time off

26 02 2010

Today is my last day in the office for a few days as I’m having some time off (SHOCK HORROR!) next week and partaking in my long awaited and highly anticipated Xmas present of a long weekend away with my other half.  It’s been a crazy few weeks in the prelim to TRU London and Love Balls last week (more to follow on this soon), and various stuff outside of work has taken it’s toll, so I can’t wait to take a break.  The crazy thing is, I’ve been so busy lately that I’d almost forgotten why it’s so important to take time off! The fallacy of self-employment perhaps.

Here’s some of the benefits (aside from the usual stuff of holidays) that I’m looking forward to:

1) Refreshing and refocusing my mind – the brain fug of everyday activity, be it work or play, is lifted by doing something entirely different (no washing, washing up or cooking!!! )
2) It reminds me of the bigger perspective, what’s out there and what (and who) is really important
3) It reconfirms that I can have time out and things at home and at work will carry on regardless
4) It means I’ll be missed (hopefully) and that I’ll miss things – somehow there’s some added-value going on here
5) I’ll restore my energy for what’s next

This list could go on and on and whilst this might seem self-explanatory to many of you, I’ve noticed that increasingly for some the thought of taking time away from work seems like an impossibility.  In my leadership coaching work, I’ve coached a number of people who’ve written holidays off the agenda for various different reasons – either due to the economic climate, to the state of their business, to the sheer fact of their family and support structure. In all of this, I encourage them to reflect on what is possible, rather than what’s not possible. A holiday doesn’t mean you have to go away or spend a lot of money – it simply means you’ll get a new perspective.

Does this sound like you?  What other benefits do you perceive from taking time off?  Are you taking time off this year?

See you in a few days.





2 responses

26 02 2010

I love having time off but being self-employed always hate to think about what work I am missing out on!. That said, whilst I am away I don’t worry about it at all.

I learned a long time ago that life is too short to give it all up to work. You cannot buy that time back and decent, regular holidays are important for well being. Or, as the late father of a friend of mine once said “I always took the family on nice holidays. After all, no one remembers a carpet or a wardrobe, or the time that dad earned more money for working all the hours God sends, but holiday memories last a lifetime”.

We have had a small family owned apartment for a few years so it is like a home from home for us and I really miss it when we can’t go there at least 2 or 3 times a year. We haven’t been there since last June, but are off their soon for 10 days and I can’t wait. Everyone needs some respite and something to look forward to and it seems to me that despite all the tal;k in recent times about work/life balance too many people get caught up with work at the expense of everything else.

27 02 2010

Thanks for the post A. You’re so very right. Thanks for posting and enjoy your hols soon.

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