Your Recruitment Health Check and why you need one.

17 03 2010

How would it be if you were able to secure top talent faster and more effectively?

I’m often amazed at how many businesses struggle to recruit, often reporting the same symptoms:

  • They have a real need to reduce recruitment overheads
  • Vacancies take a long time to fill
  • People don’t apply for their vacancies so they have to use agencies
  • There’s poor understanding of how to improve the process
  • Those involved are unskilled/untrained
  • Decisions made in recruitment are poor
  • Lots of new joiners leave before probation sign off

The irony is the cure is really very simple and will probably cost less than an agency placement fee.

So how can businesses benefit?

Firstly, find out what the problem is.  We’ve put together a FREE Recruitment Health Check for this purpose which identifies areas for focus.  We then partner with clients to help them achieve the results they need.

  • Improved time/cost per hire
  • More effective selection
  • Better working relationships with suppliers
  • Increased clarity on what’s working
  • A valuable second-opinion
  • New and innovative Tactics
  • More engaged candidates

Contact Us to find out more

With businesses reporting a real need to cut costs and prepare for growth, it’s a wonder they can afford to wait and see.

“Creative Leadership have designed and delivered a new recruitment process for our sales team. I have been very impressed with the quality of work and the effort put into making the initiative a success.”

Alan Evans, CEO Home Learning College




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