How to Interview – Step 1 – Planning

18 03 2010

Last week I mentioned that I was planning a series of blog posts about how to interview.  Here is the first which is all about planning.

When I think about the recruitment campaigns I’ve been involved with either as HR rep or line manager, it’s always the one’s that have had thought go into the early stages that are the most successful.  This is because effective planning enables you to:

  • Have clarity on what you’re doing
  • Be objective
  • Get on with other tasks, knowing what’s needed and when
  • Make informed, accurate assessments
  • Make better selection decisions and hire the right person/people for your business
  • Present yourself and your organisation in the best light

Here are my top 5 things to plan before you start recruiting:

  1. Know what you’re recruiting for – have a clear job description and role profile.  Understand why people would want the job.
  2. Map out the selection process – What are the competencies you’re recruiting for?  What are the skills you need?  How will you assess these?
  3. Decide where you’ll find the right person – will you engage suppliers, recruit internally, advertise.  How much time and money will you commit to finding the right person?
  4. Identify who and what’s involved in the process – if you have an HR department will they support you?  Will you take your own notes?  What do you need and from whom to bring the new person into the business?
  5. Plan time for each step of the recruitment process – there are a number of steps for a successful selection process including briefing (HR/suppliers/ad agencies/job boards etc), sifting CVs, arranging interviews, the interviews themselves and any further selection activities i.e. assessment centres etc, record taking, decision making and job offer/regret, referencing, onboarding.  Use your diary to block out time for this.

Would love your thoughts on these and what’s worked well for you when recruiting.  Clearly the overall objective here is to enable you to select the best person/people for the job.

Effective planning will ensure this happens.

Next week, how to sift CVs.




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