It’s been so long…

26 04 2011

…I’ve almost forgotten how to post onto my blog!

First things first, an apology for my silence for what WordPress tells me has been 155 days since I last posted!!!  Has it really been that long?  How time flies!

I wanted to share my news with you, which I hope may help explain why I’ve been somewhat absent.  In around 8 weeks there will be a new member to the team, as I’m over 7 months pregnant.

Suffice to say Maternity and Paternity laws have become topic of the month in our household and I’ve already started a list of intended articles to write for times to come.  Meanwhile, sporadic posting is likely to continue for the forseeable future…




2 responses

27 04 2011

I was thinking only the other day that you had been a bit quiet of late. Congratulations on your pending new arrival!

2 05 2011
Michelle Fischer

Thanks for your message Alasdair. Yes, apologies for being so quiet. Head down trying to earn ££ before impending maternity means I’ve been offline from Twitter and the like for some time. Hope you’re keeping well and continuing to have great success?
All the best

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