About Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is a specialist HR & Talent Management Consultancy led by Michelle Fischer.

Our clients come to us for help when;

★ they want to recruit, manage and retain the best people for their teams using the best methods

★ they need expert help with Recruitment, HR, Redundancy and the management of their people’s careers

★ they haven’t got the time or expertise in-house to manage the challenge of HR, Recruitment or Redundancy

★ they haven’t got the right people in the right jobs

Simply put, Creative Leadership help businesses find and keep the right people and work with your people to find the right jobs.  We call this Talent Management.

You can see more about Creative Leadership and what we do here

How we do it?

Creative Leadership can work with you:

As an Integrated HR Resource We’ll help you determine what your HR, Recruitment and Resourcing, Development or Outplacement needs are and deliver the solution on your behalf, as if we were your HR department

Partnership Involvement and Interaction We’ll partner with you and/or your team to ensure your Talent Management strategies will achieve your goals and is joined up.

Expert, Tailored Solutions We’ll carry out ad-hoc Recruitment, Development or Outplacement services for you as and when you need it.


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