Hire me!

My passion is about helping shape futures and I’m always interested to hear about new opportunities.

I run Creative Leadership, an HR And Talent Management consultancy which was established in 2005.  Myself and associates work with businesses to effectively identify, develop and transition their people.  We do this by providing a range of services including: recruitment, resourcing, interviewing, assessment, coaching, training, outplacement, performance management, HR consultancy…the list goes on…

Other things I’m hired to do

Public Speaking – I have spoken and presented at a number of different events both nationally and locally, as a key note speaker and facilitator.  From keynote speaking at your event to presenting to your private business meeting, my efforts are in helping people find simple, beneficial and innovative ways of doing things.

Training – I often get asked to put together specific training courses for businesses that they can run themselves – speak to me about doing this for your business.

Mentoring – I work with a number of businesses (sometimes on a quid-pro-quo basis) helping mentor team members in how to do things better.  Typically my advice is sought on Social Media, Starting a Business and Recruiting.  Mentoring is more directive than coaching and as such can often solve specific business challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Expert review / Consulting My brain is often borrowed to review and advise on whatever it is you are working on now, or whatever problem keeps you up at night. I’m an expert on Resourcing and Talent Management.   People use me for brainstorming, advice, design review, mentoring, either in person or on the phone.

Social Media Consultancy – I seem to have developed something of a reputation for my use of social media (specifically Linked In) and as such often get asked to help others with setting up their online presence.  As always, I’m happy to help if I can.  You just simply need to ask.

If you have a job or project that you think you may need my help with, I’m always open to talking.


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