So which chocolate is it?

11 02 2010

It’s Valentine’s Day soon if you hadn’t noticed from the shops full of goodies and treats for us to buy for our loved ones, which got me to thinking …

“My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates” Forest Gump famously said.  An oh-so-true-metaphor when facing new challenges and adventures and I’ve noticed a number of different strategies which gives some insights into how a person handles choice:

The Traditionalist: You choose the chocolate you’ve always had, because you know you like it

The Artist: You choose the one that appeals to your artistic eye, it may be the colour or the shape that tickles your fancy

The Collaborator: You offer yours around before you choose

The Follower: You need to read the little insert which tells you what’s what before you choose

The Rule-breaker: You shut your eyes and let your hands guide you to the right choice

The Generalist: Only one chocolate!  Not you, you’ll have more than one

The Non-conformer:  You don’t eat chocolate

So when you’re offered your next box of chocolate, consider the gift it is really giving you.

Chocolates…how do you choose yours?